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Fastener supplier in Puerto Rico

Fastener Supplier
Puerto Rico and the Caribbean

We are one of the largest fastener suppliers in the Caribbean. We carry many kinds of screws, bolts, expansions, sockets, nuts, washers, and more for construction, pharmaceutical, maintenance, hardware stores, manufacturing and other industries. Discover the difference in price and service.

fastener products

Fasteners Products

We provide many types of fasteners for machinery, sheet metal, construction, drywall or gypsum board, and more. We have more than 4,200 types of fasteners including different materials, sizes, thickness, grades, strength, and types. We also have bits, drill bits, holders, tools, guns and many other hardware supplies.

Our Products

Some of our most popular fastener categories

Bolt Supplier


Machine Screw Supplier

Machine Screws

Sheet Metal Screw Supplier

Sheet Metal Screws

Concrete Screw Supplier

Concrete Screws

Expansion Supplier


Socket Supplier


Washer Supplier


Nuts Supplier


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Manufacture of Doors, Windows, Cabinets

Screw application in the manufacture of doors, windows, kitchen cabinets and the installation of roofs and interiors.

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About MM Supply

About MM Supply, Inc.
35 years in the industry

Our company was established in 1988 in Puerto Rico to supply the needs for all kinds of fasteners and other miscellaneous hardware for many different purposes. We pride ourselves in being one of the largest fastener suppliers in Puerto Rico and the entire Caribbean region.

Large Fastener Inventory

Large Fastener Inventory

Our 17,000 sq ft headquarters facility is in the Victoria Industrial Park in Carolina, Puerto Rico. We keep a large inventory with sufficient quantities to supply the general fasteners market of the region. We are ready to meet your needs. Contact our headquarters for orders or volume discounts.

Fastener Supplier

Fastener Supplier

We supply the needs of our customers in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, the Virgin Islands and most of the Caribbean. Many of our fasteners are available in hardware stores and construction proyects throughout the region. Some of our projects include the Puerto Rico Convention Center, Tren Urbano and the recent additions to the Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport.

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New Practical Packaging

Fasteners packed to serve distributors of kitchen cabinet manufacturers, interior builders, and those who work with wooden decks. They are packed in one-pound boxes, as shown in the photos.

Best Fastener Supplier

Why Buy from Us

  • Premium quality fastener supplier
  • Thousands of types of fasteners
  • 35+ years of experience in the industry
  • Wide inventory with immediate availability
  • Highly qualified personnel to serve you
  • Very competitive prices by volume
  • Fast order processing
  • We provide worldwide shipping
Fasteners for the Huricane Season

Be Prepared for the Hurricane Season

We have a line of essential products specially designed to withstand rough weather. Ask about our fasteners made for the manufacture and installation of hurricane shutters.

After hurricanes Irma and Maria struck the Caribbean islands in 2017, we were able to supply many of our products and aid in the reconstruction of many buildings, bridges and projects. More importantly, we can also help you get ready before the damage is done.

Fasteners for the Hurricane Season



Wire Clips

Wire Rope Clips



Eye Bolt

Eye Bolt

Drop In

Drop In

Wing Nuts

Wing Nuts

Concrete Screws

Concrete Screws

Wire rope cable


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Our headquarters are in the Victoria Industrial Park, Building #9, Carolina, Puerto Rico. We are steps away from Road #3 (65 Infanteria Ave.) and Route 66, and a few minutes away from Plaza Carolina. This is your best choice for large purchases or to talk to our executives and staff.

We also have a store in #878 Campo Rico Ave, San Juan, P.R. 00924. You can make retail purchases from this location. It has plenty of inventory of the items that are popular among local contractors, manufacturers, constructors or home owners.

How long have you been a fastener supplier?

We have been in business for over 30 years. Our company was founded in 1988 to supply the needs for all kinds of fasteners and other miscellaneous hardware for all kinds of projects in the construction, pharmaceutical, maintenance, hardware store, cabinetmaking and window manufacturing industries.

Where can you ship products?

We serve primarily the needs of our clients throughout the island of Puerto Rico, but we also serve the customers in the Dominican Republic, and the US, British, French and Dutch Virgin Islands on a regular basis. We have the capacity and experience to deliver products worldwide.

Are you a manufacturer?

We manufacture with our own specifications in various parts of the world. We distribute our fasteners directly to large customers and volume buyers. Contact our headquarters for large orders or volume discounts. For smaller orders you can visit our store.

Can we visit your premises?

Of course. We have a large showroom in our headquarters in Carolina, Puerto Rico. We also have our hardware store in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Our staff will show you the goods you are looking for and give you options according to your needs and availability.

Prices, Availability and Orders

Prices and availability change frequently. The first step is to call our customer service counter and discuss your needs with a staff member. For special projects and orders, we will do our best to take your requirements into consideration. Our team will put together a competitive quote if necessary. For frequent purchases, you can also open an account with us and obtain special prices.

Very often our customers visit our headquarters personally in Carolina, PR to discuss their specific needs with our staff. You can also call us at (787) 257-3285 or send us your request by Fax at (787) 257-3222.

MM Supply, Fastener Supplier

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